Mets make a pitch for Bedard

The Mets sent the Orioles a trade proposal of right-handers Aaron Heilman and Philip Humber and outfielder Carlos Gomez for left-handed starter Erik Bedard. That offer was politely declined by the Orioles, who are believed to be seeking a package approaching what Minnesota is requiring for left-hander Johan Santana.

Though two-time Cy Young Award Santana has a better career resume than Bedard, both are 28 years old and coming off similar seasons.

Santana was 15-13 with a 3.33 ERA, 235 strikeouts, 52 walks and 33 home runs allowed in 219.0 innings. Bedard finished the 2007 season 13-5 with a 3.16 ERA with 221 strikeouts, 57 walks and 19 home runs allowed in 182.0 innings.

Santana will be a free agent after the 2008 season, while Bedard is two years away from his first shot at free agency.Tjmpg54m

"I think we’ve said it in every way we can," said Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail, summarizing his intent regarding Bedard.

"It’s not a question of really shopping him or trying to move him. But at the same time, our record is what our record’s been. We have a responsibility to our fans to try to make it better and take whatever we think we have to take to make it better."

The Dodgers are among the other teams interested in Bedard.

Brewers quit pursuit of Rolen

Milwaukee’s pursuit of St. Louis third baseman Scott Rolen has ended, largely because Rolen’s health history, coupled with the $36 million he’s owed, was more risk than the Brewers were willing to take on at this point. The two sides didn’t even get far enough along to discuss what players the Brewers would have given up for Rolen.

"It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen," Brewers general managefr Doug Melvin said. "It doesn’t have much momentum."

The acquisition of Rolen would have meant that National League Rookie of the Year Ryan Braun would move to left field.

Said Cardinals GM John Mozeliak: "Not getting into specifics, I would just say that we’re not having a meeting of the minds there."

Mozeliak said that Rolen’s status is unchanged.

"I wouldn’t say there’s any more momentum in any direction," Mozeliak said. "It’s just become a little more clear who’s real serious in this, in terms of like if we’re trying to move our third baseman. But, we’re nowhere close to where we feel we’re getting what we need to get to make a deal like that happen."

Williams: Andruw Jones not on Sox list

Although White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen hinted that free agent center fielder Andruw Jones was being considered by the White Sox, Chicago GM Kenny Williams quickly ended that speculation Tuesday evening.

Guillen, in his session with reports was asked about Jones.

"I don’t see anyone play better than him," Guillen said. "With all my respect to Torii Hunter, I don’t see anyone better than that kid when I was playing with him. He’s in the mix, I guess. It’s all about cash, years, something. I don’t get involved. And when you have good players, you have the power to do whatever you want to do. And between Andruw Jones and Scott Boras, if we need Andruw Jones, if we think we need him that bad, he is what he is."

Williams said Jones’ representation is not a factor, but made it clear the Sox aren’t pursuing Jones.

"Because of his representation he’s not automatically off the list," Williams said. "He would be a lot lower, but he?s not on the list. I know that Ozzie didn’t say that. Andruw Jones is not on our list.

"I think Andruw Jones is a great player. For our particular situation, to deliver some of the things that I told you I wanted to get us to, that is reducing the strikeouts and getting our guys on base more, fighting through at-bats and driving up pitch counts and getting to the underbelly of the opposing pitching staffs, in this particular case, [Jones] doesn’t help us."

Jays talk to Lo Duca

Toronto reportedly met with the agent for free-agent catcher Paul Lo Duca on Tuesday, but Toronto’s interest is limited. The Jays are hesitant about signing a catcher to a multi-year contract with catching prospects Robinzon Diaz and Curtis Thigpen rising fast in the system.

Quick hits

? The Brewers met with Rocky Hall, the agent for free agent infielder Tadahito Iguchi.
? Mozeliak on whether he has had substantive talks with the Giants: "No, not really. Understand that when you ask a question like that, we have a roomful of scouts that are out meeting with other teams’ representatives. But nothing has been serious with that team at all."
? Arizona spoke Monday night with the A’s about Dan Haren and touched base with one of the agents for Japanese free agent pitcher Hiroki Kuroda.
? Officials from both the Braves and Royals shot down a report that the two teams were discussing a Chuck James for David DeJesus trade.
? Sammy Sosa contacted Kansas City, but the Royals apparently aren’t interested in the free agent designated hitter.
? The Padres have made an offer to free agent outfielder Kosuke Fukudome.



    If the Mets want Bedard, they would have to up their offer a bit. Maybe instead of Humber or Heilmen, they could include Pelfrey. If that doesn’t work, maybe take away one of the pitchers and add Fernando Martinez. The same could possibly go for Haren.


    I would guess Baltimore is requiring Carlos Gomez, Mike Pelfrey, Kevin Mulvey, and two of Mike Carp/Nick Evans/Deolis Guerra.


    Being a White Sox fan really stinks. Kenny Williams would rather not sign a free agent center fielder for the team at all this off-season than be forced to sign one that happens to be represented by a guy like Scott Boras.

    We’ll end up taking a guy who “watches a lot of pitches and knows how to work the count”, rather than someone who, I dunno, will hit home runs and drive people in. That makes sense in an extreme hitters park, right?

    It’s funny, Williams would be ALL OVER trying to get Coco Crisp, if he could. It doesn’t matter that Crisp will have the same batting average as Jones this year, because hey, “At least he’ll look at some pitches.”


    The New York Mets will have to offer Pelfrey and with the starting rotation they have they won’t trade him. Even with hime they don’t have enough to make a move for Haren or Bedard.

    Chicago needs a center fielder period. It doesn’t matter who they just need one. More importantly they need to make a splash. Sure Cabrera was nice but they need a bigger name. Crisp won’t do, Jones or Rowand or Fukadome will. Chicago needs to man up and give some of there money away.


    jvorel: the problem with Andrew is that you would still get a guy watching a lot of pitches – only they would be called strikes. He grounds into a lot of double plays as well. Great defense, but he put on some weight and diminished offensive skills since he got married. The guy I would want is Fukudome – I saw him play here in the World Classic and I was impressed. I wished Atlanta would go for him…


    I just wish they’d at least make an effort go to after somebody, but they’ve already said they’re not giving Rowand the money, that Jones strikes out too much, and they they’re interested in Crisp. Things are not looking great.


    i really dont understand why the brewers or looking for help at 3b’s. they have a great offesive with an average glove in Braun they dont need help at 3rd they should consider looking for more help in that bullpen now that cordero is gone.


    Minaya will continue to make the same mistake if he trades the Mets future–knowing he already has a bad track record in doing so. The Mets need to keep the players, top prospects, and their recent trades and continue building from want they already have. Give this young pitchers a opportunity to play and grow and become like Wright, Reyes, Maine, Perez, and sadly what S. Kazmir has bocome to the Rays. Indeed, is already tough enough playing in N.Y- so why not take the risk. Their is plenty of pitching to help build the mets-Silva will give 200+, F. Garcia, R. Mahay, L. Vizcaino, K. Lohse, S. Chacon, and so many other which they can sign and build around our star player. Moreover, why not sign B. Colon or I. Hernandez- Minaya loves to sign old friends. However, the Mets have sadly been in back of the bus when it comes to trading and signing in recent winter meetings. Is not looking good for the Mets.


    Please make an offer for Scott Kazmir. we have been burned enough. Give up whatever minor league prospects and marginal major leaguers you have to! This was sickening when the Mets sent him to Tampa to begin with, but now he became a strikeout king. Please do everything to get him back!!! I truly hate Al Leiter and John Franco for whatever influence they had in this. They were both like those “Prep School” boys who didnt like that Kazmir changed what was on “their” radio and didnt like that the “kid” was cocky. Those two ****** started the wheel rolling because they were upset that Kazmir didnt fit in. It gets me sick to my stomach to look at Leiter on the YES network analyzing things, when he and Franco were instrumental in Kazmir going to Tampa. Leiter and Franco thought it was a fraternity with the Wilpons. I hate them both.


    Again please get Kazmir back!!! That “****” of a GM Duquette actually traded a lefty starter who throws in the 90’s for a guy named Zambrano who Mets pitching coach petersen said he could fix in 10 minutes. I dont know what else to say!

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