Dodgers reel in Jones

The Dodgers landed the bat they’ve been seeking, reaching agreement on Wednesday night with free-agent outfielder Andruw Jones on a two-year, $36 million contract, according to a baseball official. The deal is contingent on Jones passing a physical exam.

Jones, a 10-time Gold Glove winner and five-time All Star, will take over center field, with Juan Pierre likely moving to left.


Giving Jones two-years is a good gamble for LA. Given last year’s numbers, it’s almost a guarantee he’ll rebound.

The Dodgers now are more or less forced trade either Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier. Kemp is younger and already a better overall player. But, he is also better trade bait.

The new acquisition for power is nice. However, this does not solve the Dodger’s 3rd Base issue. For someone who bleeds blue, Garciaparra and LaRoche do not ease my mind.

If you trade Rich Hill or Sean Marshall or both, for Brian Roberts, I’m sorry to say that the Cubs’ season for 2007 is already over. How can anyone consider a trade like that. Good luck Cubs, and remember I said this. Trade Marquis if you want. To me he is the weakest and most inconsistant of all the Cubs’ starters. I will bet I’m not the only one losing sleep over this one.

Way to get some business done over the winter mtgs Giants….I am ready for another great season!!

What a waste of money for Jones!!!

After the Dodgers did not land a true 3rd bat like Cabrera or A-Rod they go and get A. Jones for 18 MILLION a year. When they could of gotten the best player in baseball (A-Rod) for maybe 30 million he would of payed off himself with the homerun chase and the dodgers would of plugged a hole at third they’ve had for the last couple years and most importantly they would of plugged a hole at 3rd in the batting order. A hole that they’ve had since they got rid of Sheffield a long time ago. The truth is that they have not had a real number three and thats why we cannot win. Well they had a shot to redeem themselves with Cabrera and they failed! Now the tigers look like a true force in the AL and unless the Dodgers go trade for J. Santana they will be the same team of last year. I would love it if we would win a championship with Jones and Torre but that will not do.

The Dodgers should hold on to both Either and Kemp…Jones will be gone in 2 years. They should package a deal with Pierre,Hendrickson,Loiza,and Greg Miller for Bedard

The only trade the Dodgers should make is for Santana. He is the only guy that is going to give you instant credibility. He will win a good 15+ games and when he carries you to the playoffs he will win 2 games of each series. The Twins want an OF, a 3B, and a pitcher, the Dodgers have Ethier/Kemp, Laroche, and Billingsly. Cabrera was the only other player worth giving up Kemp.

Just wondering what Torres reaction is going to be when
Andruw comes back to the dugout with a smile after striking out. Joe just ain’t Bobby.

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