Welcome to Nashville

    Rain wasn’t the only thing pelting Nashville as media, agents and baseball officials began arriving at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center on Sunday for the Winter Meetings.

    The rumors were flying too, though many general managers weren’t scheduled to arrive until Monday morning.

    The Red Sox are believed to have upped the ante for Minnesota ace Johan Santana while another Cy Young Award winner, Jake Peavy, was nearing an extension with the San Diego Padres.

    There was news as well, as a report claimed the Padres agreed to terms with left-hander Randy Wolf and while the Astros announced that they had secured Kazuo Matsui’s services with a three-year, $16.5 million contract.

Cabrera by Christmas?

    One school of thought has the Marlins holding on to Miguel Cabrera and trying to deal him in July, because it would give Florida a chance to see how the season progresses and because contending teams fighting for a postseason berth might be more inclined to part with the type of package the Marlins are seeking for the 24-year-old slugger.
    While waiting to July might make sense in some ways, the feeling among many baseball people who were gathering for the Winter Meetings is Cabrera will be dealt sooner rather than later. The vibes other teams are getting from the Marlins is that Florida is inclined to deal Cabrera before the season, though perhaps not before the end of the Winter Meetings.

    The favorite to land Cabrera at the moment appears to be the Angels, with the Dodgers believed to be a close second.

Bargain hunting for arms

    The dearth of high-ceiling pitchers on the free-agent market has teams taking a hard look at several veterans coming off injuries such as Matt Clement, Bartolo Colon, Kris Benson, Jason Jennings and Jon Lieber.

    Benson’s agent Gregg Clifton confirmed that no fewer than nine teams had inquired about his client, who is tentatively scheduled to throw in front of scouts on Dec. 18.

    The Astros — having gone 0-for-3 on free-agent starting pitching targets thus far after Curt Schilling (Boston), Tom Glavine (Atlanta) and Randy Wolf (Padres) — are considering Lieber, who is well known to GM Ed Wade from when both were with the Phillies.

    Jennings could wind up back in Colorado after his injury-shortened season in Houston, but San Diego and Washington are also a possibilities for the right-hander.

Front and center

    Look for activity to pick up regarding the marquee free-agent center fielders still on the market — Andruw Jones and Aaron Rowand — as teams that had been focusing on Torii Hunter will focus on one or the other.

    Kansas City and the Los Angeles Dodgers are among the teams considering Jones while Rowand, who was offered arbitration by Philadelphia, is being eyed by no fewer than six teams, including the Dodgers.


Red Sox would not be smart to trade Ellsbury…Santana’s good, Ellsbury will be better…what are they going to do…trade Ellsbury for Santana, then go and trade Buchholz for Cabrera and, uh, move him to center? Coco doesn’t deserve to start unless he can hit, and don’t even try to tell me we’re going to sign Rowand or Andruw…

Jason Jennings is going to have a good year this year. I can’t wait to see who’s smart enough to get him

Ellsbury will be better than Santana? He’s had two months of success at the major league level, and not even as a full time starter. I understand that it appears that he will be a great player, but is he the next Jose Reyes or Corey Patterson? Trade whoever it takes to get Santana.


Great day for Yankee fans. Andy’s back, if we get Santana, Saawx nation is in trouble. Just laughing all the way. 26-7=19. Yanks are coming again, and with the revenues from the new stadium, building our farm teams at all levels, we’ll be back. Munson

how is sox nation worried about the yanks getting santana ? 1 person cant win it all for ya. i mean you got Rocket to do that last year. how much help was he ? not saying santana wouldnt be a plus but to say red sox nation is in trouble when we have the staff that we have ? we would be adding a second number 1. plus our farm leauge. i ll end it with this it will be fun to watch.

I personally would love to see Johan Santana in Pinstripes. A rotation led by Santana and followed by Wang, Pettite, Joba, and Kennedy has the potential to be one of the most dominating in the league, something the Yankees have lacked in recent years. I believe the addition of Santana would make the Yankees more like the dominating team of the late nineties in terms of starting rotation depth.

Dont forget the possibility that the reports of Hughes and Ellsbury being on the block may be a ploy for the Sox and Yankees to give up more for Santana then they really need to.

don’t forget that the twins have Liriano coming back

Ben Sheets and/or Scott Kazmir headed to the Mets?

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