Cabrera field widens

    Add the Chicago White Sox to the list of teams talking to the Marlins about third baseman Miguel Cabrera.

    The Angels and Dodgers have already had discussions with Florida about Cabrera, and now sources say the White Sox and two other unidentified teams have entered the picture.

Washington eyeing Jennings

    The Nationals have targeted free agent right-hander Jason Jennings as a possible fit for their 2008 rotation.

    Jennings, 29, went 2-9 with a 6.45 ERA in 19 games for Houston in 2007 before his season ended in August due to a tear in the flexor tendon of his right elbow.

He had surgery in late August and is expected to return to the mound in 2008, and officials with several teams have indicated Jennings, if healthy, could help.

    Jennings’ elbow condition is comparable to what Andy Pettitte went through in 2004 and Billy Wagner endured in 2000. Those two lefties underwent surgery to repair flexor tendons and made full recoveries.

    Jennings made $5.5 million last season but might agree to a one-year deal to demonstrate he is healthy in 2008, which would then enable him to enter free agency again coming off a better season next winter.

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