Angels ready a pitch for Santana

The Angels are after Minnesota left-hander Johan Santana.

According to sources, the Angels were set to have conversations with Twins officials later on Tuesday regarding a possible trade for the two-time American League Cy Young Award winner. It is uncertain at this point what the Angels would offer for Santana. The Twins are looking for a package of near Major League-ready talent and a third baseman.

Santana has been at the center of several trade proposals, with the Red Sox and Yankees believed to be in the forefront of the talks until Tuesday.

The Angels’ re-entry into the picture could cause a ripple in the American League landscape in that it could either force the Red Sox and Yankees to up the ante or cause those two teams to look elsewhere for starting pitching.


The Angels made a great move today, even if they dont land Johan. If they do then thats great but by getting into the bidding it will immediately force the Yankees and Red Sox (two teams I hate) to include more talented prospects in the deal. If either the Yankees or the Red Sox include more talent and players in the deal and get Santana, then the Angels will have made themselves more of a contender anyways. The, Angels I feel, have the best young talent that no other team can match in any trade talks which is a great thing to have. The Marlins have already turned down a couple of the Angels offers for Miguel Cabrera, so hopefully the Twins won’t be so reluctant. This is a great strategic move by the LA Angels.

Good move on the Angels part.

I’ve read the Santana doesn’t want to head west, but if I’m the Twins, I’d rather have some of the Angels guys then what New York and Boston is offering.

i don’t think you could match what the yankees can do for anybody why did rodriguez come back to the yankees if it that bad if he wants the best contract and to pitch for a winner every year then his best choice is the yankees

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