Tigers, Marlins trade talks accelerating

There were indications on Tuesday afternoon that talks between the Marlins and Tigers regarding a trade that would send third baseman Miguel Cabrera or pitcher Dontrelle Willis, or both, to Detroit for a package of players that would likely include left-hander Andrew Miller and other young players were accelerating.

Cabrera is very close friends with fellow Venezuelan and Detroit right fielder Magglio Ordonez. He is also close with Tigers catcher Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, as the two were teammates in 2003, when the Marlins won the World Series during Cabrera’s rookie year.

The Marlins have been talking with the Angels and Dodgers about Cabrera but have been unable to reach an agreement with either team.

The Chicago White Sox are also interested in Cabrera, but Detroit, which has a deeper farm system, may be able to put together a more attractive package for Florida.

Cabrera would play third on a Detroit infield that would also include Carlos Guillen, Placido Polanco and Edgar Renteria, though it is uncertain where incumbent third baseman Brandon Inge fits in the scenario. Willis would slide into a rotation with Jeremy Bonderman, Kenny Rogers and Justin Verlander.

Latest Bedard rumor

Rumors about Baltimore pitcher Erik Bedard continue to make the rounds at the Winter Meetings, with the latest having Bedard heading to Los Angeles, for right fielder Matt Kemp and right-hander Jonathan Broxton.

Though the Dodgers are interested in Bedard, it is unlikely they would create holes at two important slots — starting right fielder and setup man — to get him.

Quick hits

• The Mariners have been talking with Milwaukee about ace right-hander Ben Sheets.

• No fewer than 10 teams have expressed interest in right-hander Carlos Silva, who was 13-14 with a 4.19 ERA for the Twins in 2007.

• The Diamondbacks, Dodgers and Mariners have three-year offers on the table to free-agent right-hander Hiroki Kuroda.

• Toronto has shown interest in Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, though San Francisco is reluctant to deal either young pitcher.


Carlos Silva isn’t a bad #4 starter, but not for the money he wants.

Sheets to Seattle is interesting… What pitcher haven’tthe Mariners been linked to.


Whoo boy. We White Sox fans are not going to be in a good place this season if Cabrera and Willis are headed to the Tigers.

Likewise with all these young studs like Phil Hughes or Jacoby Ellsbury going to the Twins. We have enough problems as it is without them beefing up.

I find it amusing that people “have interest” in guys like Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. Who WOULDN’T have interest in those two? 23-year old power pitchers with fastballs in the mid- to upper-90s? Nah, we’ll pass.

I wouldn’t trade either of them for anything. But if a trade were to be done with Toronto, I would expect no less than Troy Glaus, Alex Rios, AND possibly Dustin McGowan. Maybe give back Jeremy Accardo as well.

The dodgers should be trying to get Bedard but for kemp AND brox is too much……Kemp i can understand with maybe tsao. But not brox.

Dodgers: trade Kemp and Meloan for Bedard, sign Rowand or Jones. If they cant sign either, dont trade Kemp. Trade Laroche and try to Get Glaus or Blalock.

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